Float Regulations


  1. Please refer to the General Parade Regulations as they apply to all entries in the Kitchener Waterloo Oktoberfest Thanksgiving Day Parade.
  2. Floats must be 100% decorated and no part of the vehicle on which the float is built, including the towing unit or float chassis, must be visible.
  3. No flatdeck trucks or lowboy units are allowed. Pick up trucks or automobiles may only be used as a means of propulsion under a float or as a towing unit, if not recognizable in their basic form.
  4. Any towing vehicle must not exceed the size of a cargo van.
  5. Float owners or their agents are responsible for the delivery of their float to the marshaling area at least 12 hours prior to parade start time and are responsible for removal of floats from the dispersal area immediately following the parade.
  6. Maximum float height 13′.¬†Sponsorship identification must be restricted to a panel, maximum 8′ long by 2′ wide (proportionate to the size of the float) unless otherwise agreed by the Parade Committee.
  7. Judging will be based on the following criteria: originality, photogenic/visual appeal (use of music, people, flowers), animation (special effects and execution of Oktoberfest theme). The awards are: Festival (Outstanding Entry), Harvest (Outstanding Entry – 2nd Place), Sponsors (Outstanding Entry – 3rd Place), Hans & Frieda (Best Animation), Miss Oktoberfest (Best Visual), Twin Cities (Spirit & Enthusiasm), Wunderbar (Community Involvement).


  1. All self-propelled floats shall have a fully functioning primary brake system.
  2. All self-propelled floats shall be equipped with a proper exhaust system to allow the safe dispersal of exhaust fumes from the undercarriage of the float.
  3. All self-propelled floats shall be equipped with emergency tow hook at the front of the float to be used in the event of a breakdown.
  4. All floats shall be equipped with a secondary emergency brake system.
  5. The driver’s area should be well vented to aid in the dispersal of engine or exhaust fumes, as well as aiding the driver’s vision.
  6. All radiator cooled engines should be checked out to avoid any overheating problems.
  7. All wheel wells should be large enough to allow tire changing if necessary.
  8. The Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest Parade Committee reserves the right to request that any necessary safety improvements are made prior to the float being accepted.
  9. No smoking, alcoholic beverages or prohibited drugs allowed on floats.
  10. All generators should be enclosed or under cover.
  11. Instructions of marshals and Parade Committee must be obeyed by drivers and float owners or their agents.
  12. All floats must be equipped with a fire extinguisher.