Parade Regulations



2020 is the 52nd annual Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest Thanksgiving Day Parade. We encourage those marching in the parade to be in “Tracht” where possible.

  1. Location of all entries in the parade is determined by the Parade Committee and the entry MUST maintain that position throughout the parade unless otherwise directed by a Parade Marshall or Official.
  2. All entries including personnel MUST be in position by 8 a.m. on parade day.
  3. No bicycles, roller-blades or skateboards are allowed. Any walking characters or marching entries riding a bicycle or using roller-blades or skateboards will be removed from the parade.
  4. No dogs can be walked in the Parade, unless it is a unit and is approved by the Parade Committee.
  5. All walkers accompanying floats must walk with but not block view of entry, be uniformly dressed and must keep pace with the entry for the entire route of the parade. No strollers or wagons are permitted. Walkers are not permitted to sit on the entry. NO HANDOUTS ARE ALLOWED ON THE PARADE ROUTE.
  6. Mascots must ride on a golf cart or a car that will be supplied by the Parade Committee of K-W Oktoberfest Inc. If you have your own driver, they must attend a meeting in September and be at the warehouse on Monday, October 8, 2018, at 6 a.m. NO HANDOUTS ARE ALLOWED ON THE PARADE ROUTE.
  8. Parade Officials may reject any entry on Parade Day that does not meet the regulations or conform to the description in their submitted parade entry application.
  9. Any entry that slows the progress of the parade may be withdrawn at any location along the parade route.
  10. All motorized entries must carry a minimum 2.5 lb. ABC Dry Chemical fire extinguisher, inspected in accordance with N.F.P.A. Art 10 within the last year, charged, sealed and tagged to indicate date of last service. The extinguisher must be readily accessible and the operator familiar with its operation. Please refer to special regulations for FLOATS.
  11. It is the responsibility of the entrants that the design and operation of their float is safe and reliable and K-W Oktoberfest Inc. assumes no responsibility in connection herewith and makes no representation as to safety by reason of compliance with its parade regulations.
  12. All vehicles MUST be in good mechanical condition and properly serviced prior to the parade. Special attention must be paid to cooling and exhaust systems, brakes, steering and tires.
  13. Provision for emergency towing must be available on all motorized entries (e.g. tow hook, tow chain or other such devices.)
  14. Hitches on tow vehicles must be equipped with two safety chains.
  15. Drivers and other persons on all entries must have a means of RAPID ESCAPE in an emergency.
  16. Drivers of all motorized entries must have a valid driver’s license.
  17. Equestrian units MUST provide their own clean-up units.
  18. All decorative materials must be fire retardant.
  19. All riders on/in motorized entries must have appropriate individual seat belts, body supports or other body restraints approved by the committee.
  20. For safety reasons, participants shall not mount or dismount from floats or other entries unless the entry has come to a complete stop.
  21. All sound systems must have the prior approval of the Parade Committee.
  22. Entries are required to supply their own fuel and drivers. Fuel tanks should be topped off just prior to the parade. Cans of fuel are NOT to be carried on any parade entry.
  23. Parade Officials and Parade Marshals reserve the right to remove any entry, at any time, whether as a result of concerns for safety, or interference with the Parade’s progress.
  24. For safety reasons, no material may be thrown from any entry or distributed along the parade route.
  25. Alcoholic beverages and prohibited drugs are forbidden. Participants whom Parade Officials believe have consumed alcohol or prohibited drugs prior to or during the parade will be ejected from the parade.
  26. No Cellular Telephone use is permitted while on the Parade Route.
  27. All instructions of Parade Marshals and Officials must be obeyed. Failure to do so may result in removal from the parade and jeopardize participation in future Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest Thanksgiving Day Parades.
  28. The following items usually are not selected as parade entries: antique cars (except for those we solicit for dignitaries), majorettes, walking groups, buses, vans, fire trucks, and flat beds.
  29. All floats must have hooks on both sides of the float to facilitate easy ‘on / off’ of the signs for the text messaging program.